Half a Century of Continuous Operation and Growth

LYCHNIA SA with over half a century of continuous activity in Graphic Arts holds a leading position in the Greek market. In our 6,000 square meter production facilities, we have the capability to offer you tailored services, starting from printing, processing, and perfecting a professional business card to industrial design and implementation of packaging or specialized promotional structures for your products. With the aim of meeting the specialized needs of the Greek and international markets, we have established 5 independent, specialized Business Cells that offer services at all stages of design and production in 5 core branches of Graphic Arts: Commercial Printing, Packaging (Boxyfine), Stands & Displays (Standyfine), Large Format Printing (Largyfine), Commercial Printing (Printyfine), and Luxury Paper Bags (Baggyfine).

Our goal is to continually invest in new technologies that will effectively and competitively enable the products and services you offer to respond to the new economic environment.

Speak Freely

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